Photographing nature can be a fun and rewarding experience. For those who wish to become a nature photographer, it is important to know that the field is extremely competitive and an investment in resources and time will likely be necessary in order to develop your creative eye and learn the technical skills necessary in order to stand out. Here are 7 tips on how to become a nature photographer.

1. Passion

When it comes to photographing nature it truly has to be something you are passionate about. To be a good nature photographer you have to love being outdoors. Landscape photographers often spend hours hiking through areas just to take a few pictures, while wildlife photographers may have to sit for hours just waiting for that perfect shot. If you do not have the passion for this, the walking and waiting can be draining.

2. Make your Own Opportunities

Often times a self-driven career does not come easy and nature photography is no different. In order to become successful, you will need to use your passion for the work to keep you going. Do not wait for the jobs to come to you, create your own projects. Chances are if you are passionate about the subject, there are others out there who are as well.

3. Make the Investment

Take the time to make a budget and then use the budget to invest in the best possible equipment. Research the best options for your skill level and price point. It is important to understand that investment in some equipment such as lenses will last a long time, but some things like your camera body may become outdated in just a few years as new technology becomes available.

4. Education

Learning from others is extremely important. Find a class about nature photography near you and sign up.

5. Be Different

If you want your photographs to be noticed, you are going to have to find a way to be different from other nature photographers out there. Since nature photography is so competitive, this can be difficult. Choosing a specific animal family or focusing on a certain species of plant or coming up with an artistic quirk for photos are just some of the ways to stand out.

6. Respect Nature

Perhaps one of the most important things to remember as a nature photographer is to be respectful of nature. Do not cut corners and do not put any of your photos before the welfare of the animals who live there or the place that you are photographing.

7. Do Not Give Up

The final tip for becoming a nature photographer is to never give up. If taking nature pictures were easy, then everyone would do it. Nature photography requires a lot of patience and time, but it should not be stressful. Taking nature photographs should be something that you truly enjoy and if you let that passion take over, you will find success.