Heather Hiles, Founder & CEO of Pathbrite sat down to discuss her new startup Pathbrite. Pathbrite delivers next-generation solutions that help students, and learners of all ages, collect, track and showcase a lifetime of achievement, and recommend pathways for continuous success.  We do this by documenting, analyzing and mapping individual achievement of all kinds against individuals’ goals and those of their peers – what’s called a Knowledge Graph. Students use our ePortfolios and their performance relative to a wider Knowledge Graph to differentiate themselves to get into their preferred schools or land the jobs of their dreams.  School admissions officers and employers rely on our ePortfolios to get a holistic view of candidates, and to better evaluate their readiness for and organizational fit to the opportunity at hand.

Heather Hiles

Heather’s leadership experience spans over 15 years, during which she has founded and led several private and public sector organizations. Her roster of leadership roles include being the former Commissioner of San Francisco Unified School District, Executive Director of Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund (SV2), CEO of Hiles Group (a philanthropy consultancy firm), Co-Founder of EARN (Individual Development Accounts program), CEO – SFWorks (NGO to place women from welfare into careers) and COO – Break the Cycle (K-3rd grade tutorial program). Heather currently serves on the board of Leadership Public Schools; Social Venture Network; the Liberian Women’s Sewing Project; and three startup companies. When Heather is not involved with Pathbrite (which doesn’t happen very often) she likes to spend time with her family and three dogs in Oakland, gardening and playing basketball. Heather received her B.A. from UC Berkeley and her MBA from Yale University.