My day is great with I get to sit down with cool down to earth geniuses like Jason Cohen. After you watch this interview, you will begin to be amazed at Jason’s metacognition skills and begin to clearly see how he was able to be a single founder and make millions without debt or VC.

Jason previously founded Smart Bear Software and co-founded ITWatchdogs, both of which were bootstrapped to profitability, grew to millions in revenue, and were sold.

Jason Cohen is a mentor at Capital Factory (like TechStars or Y-Combinator in Austin) and the co-host of OnStartups Answers along with Dharmesh Shah.

Jason writes and podcasts about startups and marketing on and can be found on Twitter as @asmartbear. Are you a reader of his blog? Please tell me you are not missing out on the awesome insight that 31,930 of us readers get to experience each week! Well, sit back and take in this “talk over coffee” like interview we had….greatness by him!