Tech Hustler Jerry Reynolds is the founder of Konaa, Rentul, Resort Watchers and One Human Project, developer, green tea loving, clever creator of things, and microfinance loving smile maker. This tech hustler promises to give you a real look into the life as an entrepreneur.

Tech Hustler Jerry Reynolds has created the newly and hyped Konaa Social Marketplace. Konaa is a social discovery marketplace that bridges social communication, e-commerce and distribution. For many businesses rectifying social media and productivity is a great challenge. Konaa creates marketplaces for people who make products or offer services ranging from clothing, candles and accessories to art, books, travel and digital music distribution. Konaa allows users to discover and purchase products from emerging brands, and engage their favorite brands within their social space. Businesses now have a cloud based inventory or reservations management system that simplifies online sales. In short, Konaa brings together online shopping and social media to simplify online commerce.

Rentul is the first product launch by Konaa Social Marketplace. Rentul your invitation to explore, bringing together unique space, vacation rentals, adventure experiences and travel services making it easy to plan fun. Now, you can create an itinerary to plan trips with family & friends, plan social outings, connect to other experience attendees, provide reviews and more. Invite friends or allow others to join a trip and plan together in the cloud.  Rentul, where vacation is more than hotel and car rentals!

Now watch my boy Jerry Reynolds talk about his journey and life as an entrepreneur.

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