Juan Diego Calle, a serial entrepreneur, is the founder and CEO of .CO Internet S.A.S, the company that runs the .CO top level domain. Under Juan’s leadership, .CO was launched internationally in July of 2010, and has quickly become one of the most successful domain extensions in history, with more than 1 million domain names registered by people and companies in 200 countries worldwide.

At the age of 20, Juan co-founded TeRespondo.com, the largest pay-per-click network in Latin America. The company operated in USA, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, prior to being acquired by Yahoo, Inc. in 2005.  Subsequently, Juan founded FederatedTravel.com, a large, global network of premium travel websites, including popular destination sites like ParisHotels.comNewYorkHotels.com and LondonHotels.com, among others.

Lori Anne Wardi is Vice President of .CO Internet. Responsible for all matters involving brand strategy, business development and global communications, Lori Anne spends her time traveling the world and proclaiming the vision of .CO.

Passionate about helping startups to thrive online, Lori Anne is an entrepreneur in her own right. Prior to joining .CO, she founded and managed Dream Big Media, Inc., a digital asset strategy firm, and Pebble Alley LLC, a human resource management consulting company, both in NYC.

Juan, Lori, and the .CO team have helped to inspire many of the world’s coolest big brands (like Twitter, Google, Cisco, Overstock and Amazon) to innovate online with their .CO web addresses. She’s also helping to introduce many of Silicon Valley’s biggest influencers and hottest startups to the growing world of .CO — one URL at a time, including: 500 Startups (500.co), Angel List (angel.co), The Founder Institute (fi.co), Launch Conference (launch.co), and The Startup America Partnership (s.co). And she’s just getting started!

Watch Juan and Lori give you the inside track into creating and operating one of the most successful domain registries in internet history!

Video Timeline

1:10 – The initial thought behind aiming to become one of the most successful domain registries in history.

3:02 – The complex story behind the .CO before it was a top-level domain.

6:10 – Implementing new domain policies that are more flexible and adjusted to international best practices.

7:34 – What is the “bread and butter” behind the quick rise and recent respected popularity of .CO?

9:50 – What are the specific details that you focus on when marketing .CO?

11:52 – The power of .CO showcasing their community and users, instead of .CO as just a stand alone brand.

13:28 – .CO focus is on building community and creating a platform for their users to use.

14:30 – The culture at .CO.

18:50 – Forming partnerships with companies like GoDaddy!


2:39 – Lori’s nugget about perseverance!