Ever since I read about Cheek’d on TechCrunch, I just knew I had to get Lori Cheek on the show! Lori is, the Kentucky native turned New York trend setter, behind the disrupting online and offline dating service, Cheek’d.

Cheek’d bridges the gap between virtual and actual. It fills the much-missing niche between online dating and real-world encounters. It’s the 2.0 version of “Call me.”

The idea of Cheek’d was birthed several years ago, while Lori and an architect friend were having dinner. Across the table, Lori noticed him writing “Want to have dinner”, on the back of a business card. He then handed the card to a woman at a nearby table as they left the restaurant. Lori says that that was the infamous lightbulb moment. As with all entrepreneurs, her idea was just the beginning to her eventful roller-coaster of a journey that now has leading publications like the NY Times, proclaiming that Cheek’d is now “the next generation of online dating.”

Okay, so now that I have teased your taste buds, sit back and listen to all the juicy stuff that Lori shared with me. By the end of our interview, you will be going heading to Cheek’d stack of dating cards!

Listen to Lori Cheek’s Interview