Learn the art of making a pivot and launching a new startup from the Lean Startup advocate, Matt O’Leary. Matt is the hustling UI/UX Designer and the co-founder of the awesome Shopcastr. His previous startup Hipsell connected buyers and sellers on a hyperlocal level. With Hipsell you had the ability to quickly take pictures of items on your phone, and then they would instantly be up for sale on the web within 30 seconds, with an easy to use mobile application. Since Hipsell relied a lot on cross-posting to popular sites like Craigslist & Kijiji, they quickly began to run into problems within weeks. That did not stop them however. Being a major advocate of the Lean Startup Model, they decided to go back to their pre-launch data that they received from customers who spoke about some of their complaints and what they wanted.

Next, Matt O’Leary and his team began hitting the pavement and going into about a hundred local stores talking to the store owners about their biggest issues and complaints. As a result of listening very closely to local store owners, Shopcastr was born! Shopcastr provides you with amazing places to shop right around your corner, from local retailers that showcase their products for consumers to discover, curate, and share. Watch Matt discuss how the Lean Startup Model helped them make decisions that ultimate save them and their investors money.  In addition, Matt will provide entrepreneurs with awesome and needed tips about how to be an entrepreneur and how to launch a startup.

What is Shopcastr?


How Matt Got Started in Design & Entrepreneurship