Meet the inventor of GiftTRAP, Party Game of the Year in the United States, Germany, and France. Nick is also the former VP, New Markets at Business Objects, Founder of Next Action Technology, creator of AnswerSets, British-born, Canadian-adopted family-guy. Ever the hustler and adventurer, Nick has decided to enter the tech startup game as Co-Founder of their new list social curation tool The Next Web says “ makes curating lists of things simple and interactive for publishers”. describes themselves as:

  • Flexible - Use Listly for lists, polls, questions, surveys, bookmarks and more…
  • Crowdsourced - Get your social graph involved. It’s never been easier to get help with building your list
  • Viral - Sharing lists is easy, better yet embedding lists build long-term value and traffic
  • Collaboration - A platform to support the co-creation, co-curation and moderation of lists is unique.

The concept of a list is so simple it hardly needs explaining. Lists are everywhere. Lists bring structure to our lives. In a world where crowd-sourcing, collaboration and curation are on the rise, lists were overdue a makeover. So now, you’ll never list alone.

Now sit-in, as Nick and I discuss his incredible journey from winning Game of the Year Winner in three different countries, to the rapidly growing social tool called!


I twisted the arm of Nick Kellet, and got him to discuss Gift Trap, the United States, Germany, and France Party Game of the Year!