Who the Heck Are You? 

Eric Strait, Co-founder of Tech Hustlers and CEO of Strait PR, is a former high school educator and coach turned serial entrepreneur. He started his career as an entrepreneur with StartupDelight, which he lead to a successful exit in October 2011. His next endeavor, Tech Hustlers, started soon after in December 2011. Tech Hustlers is a tech blog that features video interviews, podcasts, and articles focused on tech entrepreneurs and investors around the world. Articles are featured weekly on KillerStartupsTechZulu, and Nibletz. When Eric is not interviewing investors and entrepreneurs, he runs a public relations firm for music artists, tech startups, and local brick and mortar businesses.

Kyle Ellicott, Co-founder of Tech Hustlers, is a serial entrepreneur who has taken in a little bit of everything startups.

During the early years, Kyle saw the opportunities that his development and business skills combined could provide and began building the first of many companies. He started out his ventures in entrepreneurship with Fansknowbest, a sports media company and Nology Design, a design firm.

After a little bit of time, he took advantage of an opportunity that relocated him to the west coast. It did not take long for Kyle to become deeply ingrained and involved in the Los Angeles startup community. Right after landing in LaLa land, he would go on to write for TechZulu and co-found companies like Heavy Cloud Media GroupCodeita, CodeWeekends, and Eventify Me. With more ventures in the works, we’ll see what’s to come in the future.